Benefits Of Vertical Living for Over 55’s – Seniors Retirement

Vertical living options in resort style apartments offer significant functionality, accessibility and advantages unparalleled in traditional retirement communities.   Imagine the ability to live in a prime location central to all amenities that would otherwise be unaffordable…  That dream is a reality.  At Serene Living you are walking distance to Coolangatta, voted one of Australia’s best beaches for 2017, and only 50 metres from the stunning Tweed River.

Fenton M. Norrie, Director Of Serene Living, sums up the benefits of vertical villages, “Where else on a retirement budget could you live in a beautiful, modern new home with such spectacular views, in the heart of a vibrant beach city with shops, entertainment, sports clubs, and the best nature has to offer, all on your doorstep.  You no longer have to sacrifice some of your must-haves when choosing a place to retire.  Garden and pool upkeep, cumbersome stairs and out of pocket expenses to maintain an older property are just some of the things vertical living eliminates.  This leaves you more time and money to focus on what really matters – having fun, socialising with new friends, staying fit and healthy or indulging those travel whims that go hand in hand with turn-key living”.

The vertical living experience at Serene Living not only allows you immediate proximity to every service and convenience imaginable, but with onsite staff 24 hours a day, emergency options and security, you can be assured you are in good hands should the need ever arise.  You and your family have peace of mind that access to home care, courtesy transport and the largest social, exercise and activities calendar on the coast, is all literally at your front door.  You’ll wish you had made the move sooner!

For further information or to view our last remaining apartments for Stage 1 or Projected Images for Stage 2 at Serene Living, please contact Rebecca our Sales Manager on (07) 5536 6820, Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm.

Serene Living – Where The Sky’s The Limit!

Serene Sightings!


View the amazing meteor footage taken by Serene Living Duty Manager Dave, as featured in the Tweed Daily News!

Click on the link to view the report and footage:

Serene Living – where the sky is the limit!

Serene Silver Surfers – Social Media for Over 55’s

Imagine being able to tell your 20 year old grand daughter that you have more ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ on Facebook than she does!

Well, this is exactly what is happening at Serene Living, as we speak!

We are very proud to announce that many Serene Living residents have recently taken the plunge into the exciting and modern world of social media –Welcome to our newest ‘Silver Surfers’ of Serene Living!  We are looking forward to seeing the fun and social network the residents create where they are free to share photos of events and activities, stories, reviews, how-to’s and so much more!

Not only will the residents be able to share with each other, but with family and friends who may wish to keep up to date with the goings-on at Serene Living.  We are so proud of the residents for embracing this age of technology, and can’t wait to see their posts!

It would appear that research has found Facebook is the most popular social network for the Over 50’s, as a report in the UK Daily Telegraph describes:

Meaning that not only is Facebook assisting with staying up-to-date with modern technology, but assisting with keeping the over 50’s socially present, active and engaged with friends, families, support groups, interests and activities.  We look forward to seeing what our beautiful residents have to share!

Please ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ us on Facebook to keep up-to-date with all of the residents posts :-)


Fitball for Fitness at Serene Living

Fitball Fun at Serene Living
Fitball Fun at Serene Living

Our residents are enjoying their new ‘Gentle Fitball Stretch” class at Serene Living.  Sharon, our Lifestyle Co-ordinator takes the small group through a series of beneficial gentle exercises and movements to improve general health and wellbeing, and of course, with a few laughs along the way :-)

The Fitball (otherwise known as ‘a ‘Swiss’ Ball or ‘Pezzi’ Ball) was invented in 1963 by physiotherapists working on neuro-development in newborns and infants. Later on, these balls were utilised in work with adults with orthopaedic problems, fitness training and alternative therapy as an enjoyable form of exercise that requires the user to engage their muscles in a gentle way with less risk of injury.

Some of the significant health and physical benefits from fitball activities include:

  • Improve posture
  • Improve balance
  • Engages and strengthens multiple muscle groups – including abdominals, back, trunk
  • Strengthens core
  • Activates the nervous system
  • Improves coordination
  • Great for rehabilitation
  • Encourages resistance to injury
  • Refines anticipation and awareness
  • Improves reflexes

Why wouldn’t you start now!  Contact Reception for class days and times at Serene Living

Serene Residents Fitball Fun! Over 50's Fitness
Serene Residents Fitball Fun! Over 50’s Fitness

Santa has come early to Serene Living!


With Stage One 75% sold out and the remaining brand new units selling fast, there’s no better time to secure your apartment in the best located retirement village on the coast.

Put down your $1200 holding deposit before the end of January and not only will we hold the apartment you love until you have sold your house, but you’ll be eligible for your choice of up to $5000 of bonuses, including a $5000 travel voucher or a $5000 credit at settlement* Continue reading Santa has come early to Serene Living!

Serene Retirement Olympics Eclipse Rio Celebrations

Woman and man in Carnivale costumes

The closing ceremony of the Rio Olympic Games was always going to be a colourful one but for Serene the excitement and colour of Rio came much closer to home.

Serene Retirement Village ran their own Olympics for the residents throughout the month of August and not only was competition fierce, it provided many activities and laughs for all involved who said it was one of the best social events they had ever been involved in. Continue reading Serene Retirement Olympics Eclipse Rio Celebrations

ABC Radio Interview: Australia’s Largest Rooftop Garden

Joanne Dodgson from ABC North Coast spoke to Ben Fuller in 2011 about the construction of Serene Living’s apartment complex and, more importantly, about our rooftop garden, the largest of its kind in Australia.

Listen to the audio or read the full transcript below; Continue reading ABC Radio Interview: Australia’s Largest Rooftop Garden