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Benefits of Over 55s Vertical Retirement Living

What does retirement look like to you?

The key to retirement for the modern, active over 55 is finding personal and financial freedom. Most importantly, reducing the time spent looking after the home to free up time and money to enjoy an optimal lifestyle.

These wants and needs are just some of the many reasons ‘vertical living’ has become the retirement alternative – location, security, convenience, accessibility, independence, functionality and a multitude of advantages unparalleled in traditional retirement communities.

New apartment building dining area

The dream for most Australians of any age is to live in a modern, luxurious home with high-end fixtures and finishes that also showcases spectacular views and is located in the heart of a vibrant beach city – the epitome of coastal living that our nation is renowned for. Offering an option that would otherwise be unattainable for many, vertical living not only affords immediate proximity to every metropolitan service and convenience imaginable, it also presents numerous additional in-house benefits such as onsite staffing 24 hours a day, emergency options and security.

Never before have retirees had more accessibility to important services that are ideally located, allowing them the freedom to truly enjoy the lifestyle that beachside city living affords, whilst ensuring they are supported within a fantastic network should the need ever arise. Families too are embracing vertical living as the retirement residence of choice for their loved ones, having sound peace of mind that access to home care, courtesy transport, and an extensive social, fitness, and activities calendar is literally at the front door. Often retirees who have made the move to a vertical village are the first to encourage their friends to join them in living the ‘high life’.

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Travel, good times, and great company – aside from location, location, location, are some of the top things people talk about when discussing the best retirement imaginable. What could be better for the avid traveller than to have a turn-key home which is monitored for safety and security with no maintenance, green pool, or overgrown garden to contend with when returning home from a world trip or week away to see family? Again apartment living is hitting the mark in delivering a stress-free, logical, economical and liberating lifestyle.

Serene Retirement Apartment Bedroom

The beauty of a retirement village is that good times and great company are always on offer for those that wish to embrace it, and residents can participate in as much or as little as they choose. In addition to bus trips and activities, there is also a wide range of exercise classes, social events, functions and resort facilities to enjoy as well as the opportunity to live amongst like-minded neighbours who have a positive outlook on life and feel safe, secure, and happy in their superb community. This is what retirement really looks like today.


This article was originally featured in Australian Over 50s Living & Lifestyle Guide.

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