Christmas Craft – DIY Snow Globe

diy Snowglobe

Whilst we may be in the midst of scorching hot summer for Christmas in Australia, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the festivity of a snow-filled winter wonderland vicariously, through a DIY snow globe creation!  Get creative for yourself or as a beautiful gift idea this Christmas by following these instructions to create your own!


A mason jar

Fake Snow

Figurines that will fit inside the jar

Small White Balls

Fishing line



We spray the lid of this jar with our favorite gold spray paint. While that was drying, we simply thread the needle with the fishing line and going through the centre of each white ball we start to thread the balls on to a line. To attach the “snow fall” we used packaging tape to tape to the top of the jar lid.

After we finished the snow fall we got our cute snow and tree ready. In order to keep everything in place we used a lid that was from a mailing tube and hot glued the cute figured on to it. anything will work also long as it fits into the mason jar. The lid was nice because it kept everything in place and it also added a little bit of height to our figures.

Mason jar 2

We added some of the fake snow in to the bottom of the jar then placed our figures into the jar

Mason Jar 1

With the snow attached we added the lid and our cute project was finished.

This craft activity was created and forwarded from  ‘Classy Clutter’ –

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