Going Green – St Patrick’s Day the Aussie Way!

With St Patrick’s Day occurring on the 17th of this month, also known as ‘Feast Of Saint Patrick’, our Serene Living residents are looking forward to a fun-filled event on the rooftop with a spot of Guinness, green beer and enough traditional green attire and glittery shamrocks to make a leprechaun  jealous!

History of St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day lovingly referred to as ‘St Paddy’s Day’ and ‘Day Of The Irish’ is renowned as a cultural and religious celebration in patronage to the passing of 5th century Romano-British Christian Missionary and bishop Saint Patrick of Ireland (c. AD 385-461).

As the story goes, St Patrick was kidnapped at the age of 16 and taken as a slave by raiders.  He spent the next 6 years as a shepherd and found religion.  After finally making his way back to his original home, he became a priest converting thousands from pagan Irish to Christianity.

While not a public holiday in Australia, due to the large number of international emigrants, St Patrick’s Day has over time been transformed into a celebration of all things Irish, honouring St Patrick and Irish heritage.

Fun St Patrick’s Day Facts You May Not Know…

  • Blue was originally the colour traditionally associated with St Patrick’s Day!
  • The shamrock is the Irish national plant and was used by St Patrick to explain the Holy Trinity
  • St Patrick’s Day was originally a religious holiday and therefore a ‘dry’ celebration.  It wasn’t until 1970 that it became a national holiday in Ireland and the Guinness flowed!
  • St Patrick is by legend, renowned for ‘driving all of the snakes out of Ireland’ – wherein it has been scientifically suggested there were never any snakes in Ireland following the Ice Age!
  • Your odds of finding a four leaf clover are 1 in 10,000!

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Photo by Anthony from Pexels

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