Keeping ‘Social’ When ‘Socially Distancing’

In such unprecedented times as the Covid-19 Pandemic, both here in Australia and Internationally, it is important to stay as safe as possible, but still enjoy keeping connected and socially interactive whilst maintaining social distancing protocols at all times.

The good news is, we here at Serene Living’s South Gold Coast Retirement Apartments  have some hints and tips to keep the ‘social’ in socially distanced, to keep up that ever-important human interaction we all find ourselves needing more than ever.

For those of us lucky enough to live in Australia at the moment, we are incredibly lucky to be able to still leave our homes and go out and about (with the exception of the lockdown periods at various points).

A great socially distanced option for those of us currently not in full lockdown, is to get outside in the fresh air.  Why not take a walk to the hinterland, park, river or beach?  Such a great way to clear your mind, get the blood pumping to aid in supporting a healthy immune system, take in some much needed Vitamin D, and ensure that social distance is safely maintained.

Living on the northern New South Wales coast and Queensland border, at Tweed Heads / Coolangatta, means we are incredibly fortunate to have all of these options at our fingertips.  In fact, the river, ocean and park is literally a 50 metre from Serene Living’s front doors!

There are so many beautiful paths to follow around the Tweed River and The Anchorage – stunning nature at its’ best! And if a walk is not for you, why not grab your favourite book, blanket and sun protection and enjoy a relaxing read amongst nature.

Popular activities for families and close contacts could also be a fun socially distanced picnic with BYO food and supplies, and in an Australian summer, nothing beats a game of socially distanced outdoor cricket with the grandkids at the park, or a day of sun, surf and sand at Greenmount, family friendly Rainbow Bay, or the world famous Coolangatta Surf Beach.

For those in lockdown, or who are too nervous to head outdoors, why not try some of these social activities:

  • Have your very own ‘Staycation’ and enjoy the holiday of your dreams from your loungeroom? With all of the amazing technology now available, take advantage of any number of virtual tours and travel the world in your Pajamas!  Why not take the fun one step further, and organise snacks and costumes themed to suit!


  • Catch up on home projects you’ve been putting off – clean out those cupboards and the fridge, declutter storage, get rid of clothing you no longer wear and unwanted linen and donate to charity or animal welfare centre. Do a spring clean, mend clothing, file receipts, sort through and organise photographs.  Not only does it keep you busy, however can be quite therapeutic and gives you space for new hobbies and adventures!


  • Speaking of which… Take up a new hobby or interest – have you ever wanted to take up a particular craft, try your hand at jigsaw puzzles, learn a musical instrument, take a cooking class, join a book club – now is your chance, and with a huge range of online tutorials available, you can get step by step information and video and photo guides to take you every step of the way!


  • Find your hidden green thumb and take up a spot of gardening, whether it be simply for colour and beauty, scent, or to create a self-sustaining edible garden, growing and caring for your garden can be incredibly rewarding.


  • Join a social media group through facebook, Instagram, youtube, twitter etc. These platforms give you the opportunity to communicate with people all over the world, get information about virtually anything you can imagine, and start brand new social networks. These groups are wonderful for sharing pictures, videos, ideas, advice and support.  You may decide to start a new hobby or perhaps start researching something of interest.  You are welcome to join and interact with Serene Living’s Social Media. We have a range of videos, recipes, DIY crafts, photos, activities and a range of useful reads ranging from topics such as health and wellbeing to tips on downsizing and decluttering.  You can find us on:

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  • Organise a Video Call through Zoom, FaceTime, What’sApp etc and catch up with friends and family for an online family dinner, virtual coffee (or wine!) date, a fun house party complete with games like trivia, celebrity head, dancing, karaoke etc – the options are limitless! The beauty of this option is that it can be between yourself and one person, or a large group, all at exactly the same time!


  • While we can’t go to live music events at the moment, there’s nothing stopping you enjoying the essence of the performance by live streaming a live concert of your choice online. A number of famous artists and bands are thoroughly supporting this innovation and specially creating live stream performances for all their fans during covid-19


  • Watch a movie simultaneously with family and friends through the Netflix Watch option.


  • There are a multitude of online games you can play, whether they be individual or playing online alongside others. No matter what your genre of choice, you will be able to find an online computer or phone application to suit your preferences.


While these are all fun and creative ways to stay socially connected while socially distancing, most importantly remember – BE SAFE.  Always maintain social distancing, ensure you are thoroughly and regularly washing your hands and/or using sanitiser, adhere to gathering restrictions, and make sure to wear a mask when mandated, but also at any time you feel your health and wellbeing may be compromised – better to be safe than sorry!

Enjoy keeping ‘social’ when ‘social distancing’!

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