Thinking Of Moving? Hints & Tips For A Smooth Transition

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It is often commented that the stress of moving can be right up there with planning a wedding, going through with a divorce, or losing a loved one.  But the good news is, there are ways to make this entire process more relaxed, organised and less stressful!


The key to a seamless move is to be organised.  The more pre-prepared you can be, the less hassle there tends to be on the day.

  • Plan out your schedule.  Create a checklist and make sure to include all necessary dates such as gardeners, cleaners, rubbish removals, removalist inspection quotes etc.  Plan out what MUST be done each week, day etc, then you can work on items on a IF POSSIBLE list, for when you have time.
  • Take photos of important and fragile items so you have ready for insurance claims in the event that anything is broken during the move etc.


There are advantages and disadvantages to both options.

Moving yourself is cheaper and you can generally take your time, however it is hard work and you may not physically be able to move your large items without some strong helpers!

Removalists generally take all the physical work and stress out of moving, and many companies now even offer packing services to assist further.  However this comes at a cost, and can all add up.

Here’s a few pointers regardless of your decision…

If moving yourself:

  • Make sure to check your insurance to ascertain if your furniture and personal items are covered when ‘moving’
  • Book in your transport vehicle well in advance, making sure to confirm  insurance coverage on the vehicle
  • Organise friends and family to assist with moving and carrying large, heavy items
  • Double check that you have plenty of old sheets, blankets, tie-downs, straps etc to secure loose and fragile items. These are necessary for a safe move
  • You can purchase your own packing boxes, tape, labels etc from a variety of moving, packing, discount and hardware stores
  • Allow for adequate loading time, and travel time between the locations

If using a removalist company:

  • It is good practice to request a quote prior so you have some idea of costings and time required on the day, and to make sure the company has insurance and what it covers.
  • Does the company use utility vehicles or a small or large truck? (to make sure you can ensure adequate parking and height restrictions are suitable)
  • Ask if  booking for the overall job (regardless of number of hours), or on a cost per hour basis?
  • Ask how many labourers will be moving you on the day, and what are the extra costs per labourer
  • Ask what weather plans are in place
  • Does the company offer packing services?
  • If so, do the packing services  include all boxes, packing materials etc?  And how much is it per box, or per hour?


  • Use coloured post-its when going around the house to organise yourself in advance.  One colour for KEEP, another colour for DONATE, another colour for SELL and another colour for TOSS out.  Decluttering can help you with packing  in making sure that you are only packing what you actually need and intend to keep.  This is of particular importance when downsizing.
  • Pack one room at a time and give yourself allocated packing times each day so as not to overwhelm yourself with the task at hand.
  • Make sure not to overpack boxes – the heavier they are, the more difficult to move around once the movers have left you to it!  Use smaller boxes for heavier items and larger boxes for lighter items.
  • Use  soft, light items such as sheets, blankets etc to wrap fragile breakable items and allow padding in tops or corners of boxes that are not completely full.
  • Label clearly – list room and complete contents of box.  Makes it easy for movers to know which room to deliver box  and for you to see at a glance, everything packed in the box.
  • The easiest way to transport clothes is using a removalist wardrobe packing box (includes hanging rail to simply keep all clothes on hangers etc), or tie elastic band around bunch of hangers at top, then cut hole in large garbage bag at base end, in the middle, put top of hangers tied in bunch , through the hole and pull bag down over clothes to keep clean, dry and safe.
  • Use plastic bags to collect any screws, leads, cables etc when dismantling furniture and/or electrical items.  It is important to keep all of these items together and clearly labelled, so you know where they belong.
  • Wrap bottles or any liquids in plastic bags or bubble wrap to prevent leakage.
  • Keep jewellery organised by rolling a small hand towel or face washer and looping bracelets  over; loop rings over straws and secure ends together with tape; feed thin chains through drinking straws to stop from tangling.


Moving day can be exhausting.  Here are some other hints and tips for the big day to make life that little bit easier!

  • Prepare an esky to keep any snacks and drinks cool for the big day and when you’ve moved in if you can’t use your fridge straight away.  Nothing better than sitting down, putting your feet up and enjoying a cool drink once it’s all done on the day!
  • Keep a separate bag with set of fresh sheets, pillowcases, blankets and towels, hand towel, bath mat, toilet paper.  As soon as you have moved all the furniture in, make the bed.  Once this is done, you know as soon as you’ve had enough unpacking, you can have a shower and just climb straight into bed!
  • Have another small bag or basket  with some kitchen essentials for the day.  A few tea bags, some coffee,  UHT milk, sugar, couple of cups, kettle, tea spoon, 1 set of cutlery per person – knife, fork, spoon, dishwashing detergent, sponge, tea towel, couple of plates and bowls, loaf of bread, condiments and cereal.
  • Keep your bathroom toiletries handy in an overnight wet bag – make sure you’ve got your soap or body wash, shampoo, conditioner, deoderant, toothpaste, toothbrush, face wash, make-up etc and any other everyday necessities.

We hope these tips help you out on your big day!  For further ideas on Downsizing and Decluttering, please read the following Blog Articles:

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