Why retirement villages are a good idea

Curious about retirement villages?

With a large ageing population, more and more Australians are forced to think about how to live comfortably after retirement.  Many retirees are choosing retirement villages as their home base, as many find the community and security aspects appealing. Living closer together has also been linked to a host of health benefits.

In this blog post, we look at the benefits of retirement homes.

The Lifestyle

Many choose to live out their golden years at a retirement home because of the lavish lifestyle it provides. Most retirement homes offer amenities and services that are typically too expensive when availed outside of this type of living arrangement. These facilities often include swimming pools, tennis courts, libraries and even cocktail bars. Retirement homes are purpose-built for older people with reduced ability, and therefore often include services like cleaning, laundry and cooking, as other care and services to meet your needs. Retirement communities are also often located near public transport, shopping centres as well as health care, lifestyle, and community facilities.

The pool table is available for bookings at Seren Living.

Reduce social isolation

A strong sense of community is a big draw card for many elderly, as it is easy to become isolated when you get older and less mobile. Retirement villages offer residents many opportunities to interact and connect through social activities and on-site recreational facilities and community rooms. It is proven that socially active seniors tend to live longer, enjoy stronger immune systems, and run a lower risk of dementia. Retirement villages are usually set up so that is easy for residents to socialise with one another, however, it is of course up to each and everyone how much they want to interact and what activities to participate in.

Residents of Serene Living on a Day out

The safety

Commonly, fear of crime or accidents increases with age. Many physically weaken and may not be as abled bodies as before. Living in a retirement village provides a sense of security with 24/7 on-site personnel and in some cases security guards. It is also common for these types of living complexes to have a range of security features including gates and fences, cameras, and sensor lights. Feeling safe and secure, knowing that there is help close by is an important part of the resident’s well-being.

The on-site Library is open most days at Serene Living.

Low maintenance living

For most, everyday tasks like gardening, cleaning and grocery shopping become more difficult as you age. For some, it may even be dangerous. Retirement communities often include home and yard maintenance in their fees. Staff take care of all maintenance jobs the retirement community requires. The amenities and accommodation in these villages are purpose-built for retirees and assisted living, and come equipped with hand railings, non-slip mats and alarm systems for a safe and secure environment.

2-Bedroom apartment at Serene Living

Keeps you active longer

Thanks to socialisation, activities and the opportunity to train both body and mind, seniors in retirement villages stay active for longer, according to Australian studies. Staff and other residents provide the support and inspiration many need to try new things and stay active. A safe and controlled environment also makes it possible to stay active regularly.

Marathon Group

Retiring on the Gold Coast 

If you have ever visited the Gold Coast, you understand why so many retirees find this city so appealing. The Gold Coast offers up a concoction of sun, fun and relaxation that many other Australian cities struggle to compete with.

If you are interested in retiring on the Gold Coast, Serene Living is located on the southern end of the sunny Gold Coast and Northern NSW in Tweed Heads, opposite the Tweed Heads Bowls Club greens. Our location is at 31 Florence Street on the corner of Powell Street, Tweed Heads.

Call us on 07 5536 6820 or contact us online. For a list of all the Serene Living benefits, view our Features page.

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