Residents Col and Vicki talk about why they made the move to Serene Living on the Coolangatta Tweed Coast ... and why they never want to leave.

“We made a joint decision many years ago that we would 'down-size' our house and sell the caravan when Col no longer wanted to ‘hitch up’. So, when that time arrived last year we decided to start looking for our next residence and the next chapter in our lives.

We had heard about Serene Living from several sources, including a former work colleague who had friends living at Serene. So, we came, we saw and we bought - and we have not regretted the decision or the move to Serene. We have a new lease on life, new friends and new activities to keep us occupied.

The beauty of Serene Living is you can participate in as much or as little as you choose. Everyone has a positive outlook on life and the staff are marvellous and very attentive. We believe we made the right decision as we feel very safe, secure and happy in our new residence and lifestyle.”